I absolutely could not make it to the Dakar rally without the help and support of my sponsors and followers.

I committed to the whole campaign in January this year by purchasing a Factory 450RR Rally bike but this was really only the start.  I realise that every little will help  my campaign and in order to give something back in return for those that donate or support my campaign, I am doing something quite unique.  I wanted to try and make it beneficial for everybody in more ways than one.

First of all, for all my supporters, at whatever level, I will update them through this blog.  This will have weekly updates of progress on my racing, rally bike set-up and prep, tuning, preparations for Dakar and a load of other fun stuff including training progress, pictures and cool video’s.   I will be providing daily updates throughout the race via telephone call-ins, written details, interviews, daily photo’s and video footage.  I hope that the above will provide my supporters a better insight into what it’s all about and allow them to enjoy the experience more than ever before and get value from their contribution.

The individual supporter will have an option of support packages ranging from single purchases of less than £100 to over £1000 including an incremental range of goodies ranging from t-shirts and stickers to high end motorcycle accessories and clothing, discount codes and some amazing riding opportunities. I am currently building a series of support packages with some really cool product to be had.

As a company, I am kindly asking for one or more of the following things. First, your company’s products that I will directly use in the race effort, secondly, product to include in my supporter packages and thirdly, if it makes sense for your business, I’m asking for discount codes to give my high-level grassroot supporters. This helps you connect with these high value customers, and helps me by enticing them to support my effort. In return for the above, my commitment to you is that I will do everything I can to make your donation a good investment, by getting you as much exposure as I can, and making sure your product is associated with a positive, professional image. The idea being to give benefit all round, so if you would like to join my list of sponsors, please do not hesitate to get in touch for more information or to discuss opportunities.
Cash donations.  Using the link on the right of the page you can contribute to this race effort by donating cash.  Every little helps so please do not feel your donation is not enough, please just donate what you feel is right.
Finally, I am also looking for any opportunity for significant contributions from any companies or persons (major sponsor) and depending on size, they will get the appropriate share of space on the bike or my clothing for advertisement and the full benefits of everything mentioned above.

Finally, as an addition to the above, I am working on some unique media opportunities to allow my sponsors and supporters to have easy access to race information, media and updates to allow you to follow my progress throughout the year including Dakar.

Please watch this space for different ways to support this race effort.