No, I’m not talking vision and strategy, I’m talking eye sight.

After years of wearing glasses daily and contact lenses for racing due to my poor eye sight, I’d always considered having laser eye surgery but never wanted to take the time out of my busy race schedule to get it done.  When I broke my foot at the end of August I immediately booked my consultation to get the low down.

I’d always managed with glasses and contact lenses but it’s just one more of those things to worry about, another thing to carry spares and at high speeds in dry environments I’d always struggled with dry eyes and lenses ejecting themselves over time.

My initial consultation at Optimax went well and I was told I was suitable for the surgery in both eyes, even though I had a slight astigmatism.  It was a tough decision to make just 3 months before the start of the biggest race of my life, The Dakar Rally because as with all surgery, there are risks associated with it.  The decision was made slightly easier when Optimax laser eye surgery specialists in the UK agreed to support my Dakar bid by offering complimentary treatment, awesome!

So while I was on the phone, and having gone through some of the details I obviously wanted to get it done as soon as possible to give me the best possible chance of recovery before the race.  So, I asked when they could do the surgery (on a Wednesday) and Optimax confirmed that their Medical Director Dr Malcolm Samuel could perform the surgery on the Friday of the same week.

Why not, I went for it and the rest is history.

I opted for Lasik treatment with Wavefront technology which involves a laser cutting a flap at the front of the cornea, moving said flap to one side and then reshaping the front of the eye, again with a laser.  A simple procedure that took just a few seconds per eye.  I was in the theatre for less than 15 minutes for both eyes and the surgery was painless.  The next 24 hours were mildly uncomfortable but I had driving standard vision within 12 hours of the surgery and things just got better from there.

The only question I am left with is why I did not get it done years ago.  I’d like to thank Dr. Samuel and the entire team at the Leeds branch of Optimax for making my visits so fun and enjoyable.

If you are considering this treatment I would highly recommend it and if you are in the UK and have treatment with Optimax they will donate £50 to my race effort if you tell them that I referred you.  In return for this, I will send you a t-shirt and some stickers. To book a consultation or to find out more please visit

Here are some before, during and after photo’s.